Tone Your Body for the Fall

Stay Toned All Year Long

The Benefits of Pilates in the Fall

How exciting! Fall is approaching and that means cool weather and crisp wind that cuts the scorching heat. This is the perfect time to start focusing on your body. Most people think summer is the time to really focus on getting healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. Of course we think that should be all of the time, but fall is the perfect time to start Pilates and really connect with your body.

In Jacksonville, Florida, we tend to have a “bikini-ready” mentality that drives us to start working on our bodies in mid-spring so we’re ready for the summer. As a result, most of us neglect our bodies as the weather starts to cool and we start to layer up our clothes instead of taking them off. Want to really stand out when you walk down the street? Start toning now. Not only will you have a better body than most do, you’ll have less work to do when the weather starts to heat up again.

You also want to get your body ready for those holiday parties. Now is the perfect time to focus on healthy eating during the seasons because eggnog and mint chocolate desserts at the office party are going to become a common thing soon. Toning your body now will prepare you for the holiday food and parties coming up. Drinking is also something that tends to come with the holidays. It is important to remember to not only drink in moderation and remain safe but also to keep it within your healthy holiday diet.

The sugar will reverse all of the hard work that you are putting into your body because that sugar turns into fat so while you may be avoiding the bad holiday foods, drinking the bad holiday drinks will prevent your body from toning up as quickly as you want it too.

Start a regiment Pilates schedule now. Our Pilates studio offers a variety of classes throughout the day to help you get your workout in when it’s convenient for you.

Call us or visit our studio for more tips on how to tone your body and maintain a healthy diet during the fall and upcoming Christmas season.

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