Summer is underway and January has long since been forgotten along with all
New Years resolutions. We will give you 5 easy steps to get back on track and ready to
look great for the holidays.
1. START – No more excuses. Don’t wait for that special event or Monday to start
your workouts. It doesn’t matter where you are, get moving! Challenge yourself
to do something every day.
2. SET GOALS – Set attainable goals. Start with 5 lbs. Reward yourself with a spa
day or something new you have been eyeing.
3. SCHEDULE IT – We all have busy lives and it is easy to fall into the routine of “I
am to busy to workout.” Schedule your workouts in advance. Remember one of
the most important things we can do is to be a role model to our children/families.
Not only so they see you working out, but to show how important it is to be
4. SUPPORT – Find a friend to workout with, this will help you stay on track.
Sometimes we are more likely to stay on track if we our made accountable to
someone else for our workouts. Also, you can encourage each other and a little
friendly competition is a great way to challenge yourself.
5. MAKE IT FUN – Change your attitude about exercise. If you go in with a good
attitude and find something you enjoy you are more apt to stick with it. Also,
variety keeps it interesting so you don’t get bored with your workouts.
In closing, there are no quick fixes to staying physically and mentally healthy. We need
to exercise the body and mind everyday. Obesity has become an epidemic in our
country we need to start at home by becoming role models. Start lving a healthier life
today, there is no better time to start than NOW. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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