Why Pilates?

Private Pilates Classes in Jacksonville, FL

Pilates is unique because it strengthens the body as well as improving flexibility. Core strengthening focusing on the abdominals is a main focal point in Pilates. Whatever your sport of choice is, Pilates will help you improve your performance.

Private Pilates

One on one sessions – The instructor customizes the workout to meet the clients needs. If you have never done pilates we require that you start with privates before moving on to group classes.

Partner Pilates – Doing Pilates with a partner is more cost effective than private sessions and may be a more comfortable alternative if you don’t like being in groups. We recommend that you find a partner, however occasionally we may be able to assist in finding a partner.

Group Pilates – 4 people, one instructor. Prior pilates experience is required before joining group pilates. You will work out on the reformer as well as other apparatus/props. Pre-booking is necessary.

*Please note that you must have experience on the appartaus before joining a group Pilates class.

How may times a week should I do Pilates?

For best results we recommend 2 – 3 times per week.