Fees & Policies

If you would like to get started in our program you will need to schedule a Private session with one of our instructors.

Our focus is on safety and ensuring that you have a positive experience during your first session. You will learn how to use our equipment, and we will evaluate your body and make any necessary modifications that might be helpful to you in your future as a pilates student. We will go through a typical Transformation workout and what you can expect in a group session.

Please print and complete the Waiver and Release Form and the Evaluation Form prior to visiting the studio.

12-Hour Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be received no later than 12 hours before the session begins. Refunds will not be issued for any cancellations received after this point.

Class Types

Class TypesDurationOther Info
Transformation Reformer45 MinutesBeginner, Intermediate & Advanced Classes
Booty Barre55 Minutes


ParticipantsSingle Session Price10-Session Pack Price20-Session Pack Price
Unlimited Barre$195/mo--
1 on 1 (private)$70$650-
2 (duet)$45$400-
Group Reformer$35$280-
Group Booty Barre$20$180-
Group Reformer 20$480