Booty Barre Classes in Jacksonville, FL

The Booty Barre class is a unique, fun, high energy class. It fuses legendary fitness techniques from pilates, ballet, calisthenics and yoga. These techniques are designed to streamline, firm, tighten and tone muscles and re-align the body without adding bulk. This helps to create balance, posture, body awareness, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The result is a body that looks and moves like it is 10 years younger!!

The structure of this innovative Booty Barre class keeps the heart rate elevated with motivating, up-beat music and brisk, dynamic, no-impact movements. All the while burning calories and fat and simultaneously building “bulk-free” lean muscle mass. The techniques learned in The Booty Barre class helps to increase your resting metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories and fat while you are at rest.

The Booty Barre class has no jumping or punching, just pure lengthening and strengthening exercises which help to create the body of your dreams.

How long is the class?

The Booty Barre is 50-55 minutes long. The class will start and finish on time. Due to the nature of how the studio classes are scheduled, please be on time!

How many classes do you suggest a week?

For best results we recommend you attend at least 2 classes per week.

Who teaches the classes?

All Booty Barre teachers have been trained and approved by Tracey Mallett, the creator. They also all hold either a Pilates Certification and/or a personal trainer certification.